Paul Stringer

Projects Manager Paul Stringer retires after 21 years at DCS

Our Projects Manager has retired from his role at DCS following a career in dust extraction that started at the age of 16-years-old. 

Paul Stringer joined us over 21 years ago as a Contracts Engineer after being approached by former DCS owner Philip Oldfield. 

His vast knowledge gathered over decades in the industry have made him a vital member of the team, resulting in a promotion to Projects Manager.

“It has been a really good company to work for,” said Paul, who turned 65 in February.

“I knew quite a lot of the people at DCS and had worked with them at other companies. There is a great group of people here, and I will miss them.

“Philip was very approachable and looked after us. I always really enjoyed coming to work, but I have always said that when I turn 65, I would retire. 

“DCS has recently become part of the Absolent Group and from what I have seen, the future is looking really good for the company.”

Paul first met Philip and his brother Alan in his first job at Spencer and Halstead Ltd.

He would later move on to roles at Ripley Metal Fabrication, DPE, Extract Technology and was self-employed at one point in his career. 

Paul will be retiring to the picturesque village of Kefalos on the island of Kos in Greece. 

He fell in love with the village after visiting for the first time six years ago and even married his wife Barbara there in June last year. 

Paul said: “When we last visited Kefalos, we saw a property with a sea view. We just felt it was meant for us. We love the island. I have been here about seven times in the last six years.”

We would like to thank Paul for his dedication throughout the years and wish him all the best on his retirement.