Sanding Benches

The process of creating the perfect surface finish can take a huge amount of work. Usually before any varnish is applied, the sander will inspect the whole surface. This is followed by the 'final touch', which could be either a wood finish or a lacquer intermediate sanding.

Our range of Schuko’s Octopus and SAT sanding tables makes this process a lot simpler, thanks to an efficient system that simply sucks dusts directly from the entire table surface. This leaves a low-dust and clean sanding workstation.

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Designed to suit your needs

The range has been designed to work with the requirements of your existing extraction system.

Schuko's Octopus extraction tables do not come with their own built-in drive, meaning they are ideal for connecting up to any extraction system.

SAT grinding tables are equipped with their own drive and a filter function. This means they can be installed in your workroom independently of any additional extraction system.

Both of the Schuko sanding tables provide an efficient and economical solution to the problem of dust in the workplace.

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