Rotary Valves

Our range of Schuko rotary valves are designed to regulate material flow from a filter chamber to a secondary method of material transportation, whilst maintaining a mechanical airlock. In order to comply with current ATEX regulations the rotary valve must act as an autonomous barrier and our Schuko range of rotary valves are certified to handle ST1 rated explosive materials safely.

The purpose of a rotary valve is to deliver a metered flow of sawdust wood shavings and other low density materials. The Schuko rotary valves we offer help minimise air pressure loss and increase efficiency for your system.

The Shuko range of ATEX certified rotary valves are supplied with the latest energy efficient geared motors ranging from 0.37kW to 0.75kw depending on application. Rotating between 10 and 15rpm, our range of Schuko rotary valves deliver a continuous material flow rate between 2.62m3/hr and 21.37m3/hr.

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