Modular Filters

Schuko has always shared our focus on being able to offer the highest quality and most flexible solutions for our customers. Our Schuko modular range of panel constructed filters is setting new standards in the industry of flexibility, efficiency, extension capacity, space saving and energy consumption.

Our system's modular design, which is certified according to the latest ATEX European Directive for explosive dust, makes it possible to enlarge filters when demand is rising. Our Schuko Validus filters easily handle air volumes up to 300,000m3/hr as standard. There are a wide range of filters available, everything from a simple bagging system through to a rotary valve fed conveying system for transferring waste to a trailer, skip or burner.

Thanks to some great design and improved construction, the weight of the products has been reduced and they take up less space. The filter housing is designed to provide high capacity and low air speed.

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