Fan Sets

The heart of any effective extraction system has to be its industrial fans. Schuko understands that the quality of their fans dictates the effectiveness of the entire system. The fans we stock are particularly suitable for carrying dust and chips in industries such as woodworking, paper conversion and plastics processing operations.

Our Schuko fans feature pressure-tight welded housing, which means they are perfect for use with extraction on the dirty or clean air side of your system. A welded industrial version is also available, which is designed for lengthy operation and is developed in-house by Schuko on a bespoke basis.

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Why Schuko fans?

Our Schuko fans offer weight and material cost savings in clean air handling applications. They are also extremely robust and long-lasting for trouble-free extraction when used for material handling.

The fan impellers are extremely efficient and can save even more on your energy costs. The open impellers for materials handling or fans used on the dirty air side offer efficiency ranges from 50% to 62%. While the shrouded impellers used for dust handling or fans installed on the clean air side offer efficiency ranges from 78% to 82%.

Every fan is performance-tested before it gets to you to ensure it has the power needed for your system.

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