Briquette Presses

Did you know that two kilograms of wood briquettes can replace an entire litre of heating oil? That means that by burning self-produced wood briquettes you can save over 83% in heating costs.

We offer an impressive range of economical and space-saving briquetting presses. These robust units come in six different power classes, ranging from 3kW to 15kW, capable of producing 60mm or 75mm diameter briquettes. The different models can produce anything from 25 kg of briquettes per hour up to 200 kg. The units are compact enough to be stored next to your dust collector, meaning they can be fed directly from the waste storage hopper straight into the press.


Compact, efficient and cost effective

Our Schuko briquetting systems process waste such as sawdust, wood shavings and wood chips, plastic chips, shredded paper and paper dust, biomass, non-ferrous metal swarf and shredded recycled materials. They create the briquettes using hydraulic compaction and can reduce the waste to a fifth of its original volume. This system demonstrates how to get rid of dust and shavings in an economic way, without generating significant amounts of dust or taking up too much space.


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