Cyclo Filters

Our range of Nederman’s cyclofilters combine the advantages of cyclone separation with the efficiency of a bag filter, all packed into a very small physical footprint.

Cyclonic separation uses centrifugal force to separate dusts from the air stream and is generally employed as a pre-filter to reduce the dust loading on main filter units.

This new generation of cyclonic filter takes the traditional approach a step further. The cyclofilter is designed so that over 95% of the waste is pre-separated from the air stream. It works on the principle that reducing the effective dust load on the filter media helps the filter bag to last longer, resulting in the filter being more efficient. This approach can deliver emission levels of less than 0.1mg/m3 and a filtration efficiency of 99.99974%.

Impressive benefits

Our cyclofilters are available in positive or negative pressure combinations and can handle large waste volumes in excess of 300g/m3. The idea is to reduce residual dust concentration to less than 0.1mg/m3, a level that complies with the prestigious German H3 Standard. Explosion panels are certified under the new ‘ATEX Directive’.

The cyclofilters also feature automatic pulse-jet cleaning of the filter bags, meaning they can operate 24 hours a day, even with very high dust concentrations. The cleaning system is constantly monitored meaning compressed air consumption is kept to a minimum. There are also no moving parts in the system, making this cost-effective and efficient system virtually maintenance-free.

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