Wet / Dryback Booths

As recognised experts in the sector, we are able to offer an unbeatable range of paint finishing systems for a wide range of industrial processes.

Dry Filter Spray Booths

Using only the highest grade materials, our booths feature galvanised panels cut to size on a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) laser cutter, then folded and formed to give a perfect fit. There is a specially designed floor in the extraction chamber to improve air flow and to make it easier to clean. The booths are available with a full range of compliant exhaust ducting and a choice of filter media, supplied with either axial or centrifugal fans.

Water Wash Spray Booths

Our pump and nozzle type Water Wash Spray Booths are manufactured to exacting standards. They include fully-welded and flanged tanks for an extended working life and a ‘full booth width’ pre-filter, which prevents contaminants reaching the pump and nozzles. Spray nozzles reduce blockages and improve scrubbing action while pumps provide continuous water flow and ABS pipe-work eliminates corrosion.

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