FastClip Ductwork

Duct installations are a crucial part of any dust extraction system. They allow dust and heavier waste materials to be taken away from the processing machine and transferred to a filter and then to storage. We will always carefully select the size and type of ducting for every installation and will meet your requirements for grade, type and materials.

We offer a range of high quality extraction ductwork and accessories. With 40 years' experience behind the technology, the FastClip Ductwork System has been developed to complement our vast range of manufactured paint and surface finishing systems. It can be used on plants servicing demanding sectors including woodworking, food and pharmaceutical.

FastClip Ductwork is manufactured to the highest standards from high quality, smooth and durable galvanised steel. Using our state-of-the-art CAD (Computer-aided design) systems, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) laser cutting, folding, roll-forming and welding equipment to provide the most accurate and flexible system available.

The rolled edge allows sections to be simply clipped together, providing a seal that optimises leak resistance. FastClip Ducting is engineered to be easy to install, therefore reducing time spent on system assembly. The smooth interior surface minimises friction and reduces dust build-up in the system to improve airflow and extraction efficiency. A wide range of standard components are available in diameters from 100mm to 710mm, with the most common parts and sizes held in stock for immediate dispatch.

FastClip Ductwork makes it easy to relocate plant and machinery. Simply unclip the FastClip fastener to disconnect the existing ductwork from any equipment to give you complete control over the configuration of duct routes in your system.

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