Drying Ovens

Our wide range of cure, dry-off, box and tunnel ovens are manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Cure Ovens and Dry-Off Ovens

Our cure ovens are suitable for operating temperatures ranging from 30 to 250C. We offer batch/box, tunnel, camel back and well type ovens, which can be designed specifically for powder, water or solvent-based paint. Whilst most of our ovens are of a bespoke design we do offer a standard range of box ovens. The ovens can be used for powder coating, stove enamelling, timber drying and plastics amongst other applications.

Box and Tunnel Ovens

Whether batch type or conveyorised, our ovens:

  • have an Aluminised inner skin with an outer skin manufactured from Zintec and powder coated as standard.
  • are designed to minimise heat transfer to the outer skin of the oven.
  • circulate air using a high temperature centrifugal fan.
  • utilise a forced bleed-off system.
  • distribute air through adjustable internal dampers to provide even temperature throughout the oven.
  • feature customisable control panels, HMI touchscreens, PID temperature control.
  • are offered as tunnel ovens, single, multi-pass or side shuffle.

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