All Round Savings For Roundel

Dust Control Systems has recently installed an energy- efficient dust extraction system for leading fitted furniture manufacturer, Roundel Manufacturing Ltd. Roundel operate from three manufacturing and distribution centres in Tyne & Wear and specialise in the design, planning and installation of fitted kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture for major retailers and house builders across the UK.


DCS modular filter and fanset neatly installed in limited space.

The family-owned business was founded in 1969 by present Chairman Geoff Oman and his brother Lindsey, who is Managing Director. From the simple beginnings as a modest kitchen retail shop in South Shields, the business has grown into one of the UK’s premium suppliers of fitted furniture. Today, with a workforce of 175, the company is a supplier to leading industry names, delivering nationwide via its own transport fleet.

As part of its ongoing investment in infrastructure, Roundel has recently expanded the manufacturing capacity of its site at Seaton Burn, Newcastle upon Tyne. Home to Roundel’s Nixons Kitchens operation the site specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke kitchens for the retail sector. Fronted by a prestigious kitchen showroom, the centre has well- equipped workshops which have the full in-house capability to manufacture all aspects of quality cabinetry. The newly expanded 20,000 sq. ft. facility now provides double the floor space and has seen the introduction of new plant and machinery, and increased warehousing space.

“An essential element in the expansion plan was the need to renew our dust extraction system”, says Roundel’s Senior Factory Manager, Roy Ramshaw. “So, with a long-standing philosophy of constantly looking at ways to conserve energy, we were looking for the most efficient and cost-effective methods to deal with the generated wood dust. And, like all our six manufacturing facilities, across the three sites, wood waste would be used to fuel a heating system.”

Melvyn Bathgate, sales director at DCS says: “We were able to put forward a convincing proposal for an energy- efficient dust extraction scheme which featured our ECOGATE energy-saving extraction optimisation system. Furthermore, being a wholly new installation meant we could accurately size the system to considerably reduce the average volume. We also worked in conjunction with Woodheat Solutions, who installed the heating system and supplied the chipper, to provide a plant layout that would fit into a very limited space at the back of the building.”

The new filter plant consists of an externally sited ATEX approved modular filter unit, with a 37kW main fanset and 15kW waste fan unit. Sized at a capacity of 21,400m3 /hr, the high efficiency filter is fitted with antistatic ‘Superbag’ polyester filter bags and includes low- noise, reverse air fan units which maximise filter cleaning efficiency. Waste collected by the filter is discharged via a rotary valve into a closed-loop transfer system, which feeds an adjoining storage silo. The main ducting system incorporates an APEX approved CARZ back-pressure flap valve which prevents the effects of a dust explosion from travelling back along ductwork.

Installing ECOGATE on any dust extraction plant means that the overall system can be designed up to 40% smaller than with conventional technology; resulting in an average volume reduction of at least 22%, and providing power savings of more than 50%.

The ECOGATE system installed for Roundel comprises a series of Ecogate motorised damper gates and sensors, which are fitted to individual machines in the workshop.

A greenBOX® 12 controller detects changes in extraction load, as machines come on or off line, and the speed of the main fan is continually adjusted via an Ecogate Power MASTER® variable speed drive inverter unit.


Ecogate Power MASTER® continually adjusts fan speed.


Ecogate Power MASTER® continually adjusts fan speed.

Roy Ramshaw adds: “DCS did a lot of detailed planning; ensuring a trouble-free installation which was handled professionally from concept stage, right through to commissioning. And, the bonus is that their engineers conservatively predict we can expect to make significant savings on electricity bills.”

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