Ecogate® is a computer controlled extraction optimisation system that can help you save up to 80% on your electricity bills. We are an authorised UK and Ireland Installer for the proven energy-saving system, originally developed by California-based Ecogate, Inc.

Whether you operate a dust plant serving two to three machines or extensive workshops with a large number of dust-creating machinery, we are confident we can retrofit a cost-effective system to help your business.

So what is the Ecogate® System and how does it work?

In a typical workshop, less than half the machinery is operating at any given time. With dust extraction running all the time, often to all machines, a huge amount of energy is wasted. The Ecogate® System solves that problem by automatically closing gates to machines that are not running. The greenBOX® central control unit constantly monitors individual machines and determines the optimum speed of the fan.

What the benefits of Ecogate®?

It is a cost-effective, energy-saving upgrade for your existing dust or fume extraction systems. The energy savings you achieve can pay for a system in less than two years. This is because you only use power when you need it. The system can deliver energy savings of up to 80% (with an average of 62%). It also maintains minimum airflow in the duct system, by opening additional gates when necessary in order to deliver good system balance and prevent sawdust settling in the duct system. Most installations can be purchased with assistance from a grant from The Green Business Fund, backed by the Carbon Trust. Ecogate® also offers an easy route to help larger companies meet their SECR Energy Efficiency Scheme responsibilities.

Other key benefits include:

  • Expand workshops without the need for more fans or ducting.
  • Significantly less noise.
  • Reduced maintenance and increased life for fans.

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