Mechanical Shaker Filters

Our range of Mechanical Shaker Filters by Donaldson features a compact design, quiet operation and trouble-free service.

Donaldson’s Torit Unimaster dust collector was designed to not only maximise collection, but to bring long life to its components.

The self-contained dust collector comes complete with fan and fan motor, automatic shaker and shaker motor, and a system controller for a quick and easy installation.

Although the design is compact, the Unimaster has a filtration media area from 40 to 750 square feet.

The collector is also known for its versatility by featuring three configurations to suit a variety of applications.

Heavy-duty flexible metal coils are inserted into the filter bags to maximise airflow, while assisting in getting rid of dust during the cleaning cycle.

The automatic shaker also cleans the bag filters, resulting in compressed air no longer being required.

Unimaster can be used as a central system or at the point of dust generation.


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