Flat Pad Filters

Dalamatic Range

When dust concentrations and filtration velocities are high, a special type of dust control system is required. As a solution, we would recommend supplying you with Donaldson's Dalamatic innovative range of reverse jet fabric filters. They provide a reliable and long-lasting solution to many different problems with the dust control process.

Flat Pad-Type Shaker Filter

The Unimaster dust control unit we offer is an economical and effective solution for your dust problems and gives you unrivalled quality and versatility. The range is one of the most universally accepted dust collectors.

How do they work?

Dust laden air is firstly drawn into the filter case, where natural pre-separation takes place due to gravity. The finest particles collect on the outside surface of the filter, while cleaned air passes through the media and out into the atmosphere. An automatic pulse of compressed air regularly cleans the filter pads, allowing for continuous operation, with any dislodged dust falling into the collection hopper to be removed or returned to the process.


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Dalamatic Filter


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