Control Booths

The Environmental Control Booth (ECB) we supply is specially designed to create a clean and safe work environment. Our Donaldson's booths remove fine airborne dust from multiple sources while still giving your workforce enough room to move. Thanks to the excellent lighting, workers have the visibility they need to carry out their tasks properly.

Donaldson's years of experience have gone into creating this unique booth, which is capable of pulling dust-laden air away from the worker at a rate of 0.7m/s. Clean air moves past the worker at the same rate.

A safe place to work

The beauty of the ECB is that it creates a self-contained working environment, complete with lighting, soundproofing and built-in dust collection. It benefits those people who are working outside of the booth, as they are also protected from the dust and the noise that is being generated inside the booth. The ECB does not need any ductwork, making it easy and inexpensive to install. Further savings can be made thanks to the way in which it re-circulates the cleaned air, eliminating the need for costly make-up air.


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