Cartridge Filters

We supply solutions based on a number of Donaldson’s innovative dust and fume collection products, with their range of cartridge filters.

Downflo® Oval I Range

Our Downflo Oval I is a compact, modular continuous duty dust and fume collector with a unique oval cartridge that allows increases in airflow in excess of 10%. The design contributes to far more efficient dust collection, even when the particles are extremely light or fine. This can be maintained without tools and from outside of the collector to keep your teams safe. It is a cost effective system that offers users maximum efficiency. The cartridges also benefit from a longer lifespan due to their improved cleaning efficiency. There are 23 models in the range with filtration areas from 141.2m² to 2259.2m².

Downflo® Oval II Range

Another compact, continuous duty dust and fume collector with a flexible modular structure that minimises capital outlay on expansions. The Downflo® II Range can be maintained from outside and has an optional contamination-free cartridge replacement system, a bag in / bag out option. This allows the changing of cartridges without any contact with the dust. This system has been considered ideal by many industries to safely process toxic, aggressive or radioactive dust. It comes in 19 different models with filtration areas ranging from 94.4m² to 3,021m².


Our DFPRO range sets a new high standard for filtration performance, efficiency and productivity. The innovative oval cartridge shape offers a powerful new filtration technology that increases airflow through the collector while prolonging filter life. The patented Ultra-Web® filter media provides the most sophisticated and efficient solution for filtering dust and fumes from the manufacturing floor. They have been expertly engineered for better filter cleaning efficiency and easier filter maintenance. DFPRO gives you the power to perform like never before.


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