Vacuum Cleaning

Camfil's central vacuum cleaning system provides a vacuum service throughout an installation with flexibility and efficiency. It consists of a motor-driven centrifugal exhauster, connected to a separator with smooth flow tube to extend the vacuum source to wherever you need it most.

The system we supply allows all the collected material to be conveyed to one central location where they can be conveniently and efficiently disposed of. It can also be used by multiple users, with any number of operators working at the same time.

A system that works for you

Our vacuum system gives you an array of hoses and tools that have been specifically designed to handle the toughest demands. Smooth flow tubing and fittings offer a cost effective piping system, with a broad range of options available that makes designing and installing your system simple.

At the heart of our system is the highly efficient separator, which uses two types of proven filter media. This allows for continuous cleaning across a range of filtration areas, ranging anywhere from 4m² to 48m².


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