Gold Series

The Camfil Gold Series we offer is a modular cartridge dust and fume collector that offers enhanced performance and is easy to service, all while cleaning your work environment of irritating dust and fumes. It can be used for pollution control and product recovery applications - everything from blasting and chemical processing, through to applications in the pharmaceutical industry, mining and food processing.

The Gold Series uses HemiPleat cartridges which make it a highly efficient collector. In most cases, the Gold Series meets the 5 mg per cubic meter or fewer emissions standard, which is required to recirculate air back into the workplace on non-hazardous dusts.

Meeting air flow requirements with a 25% smaller housing, the Gold Series delivers premium performance at a competitive price and takes up less floor space. The system uses pulse waves emanating from the centre of the filter that provides enhanced, efficient cleaning. The cartridges themselves are vertically mounted, making them easier to clean and lengthening their lifespan.

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