We have built up a wealth of experience in the design, supply, installation and servicing of complex pharmaceutical dust and fume extraction systems.

We provide industry-leading expertise on everything from the initial design and consultancy through to complete turnkey installations. This includes the supply of new equipment and the modification or replacement of existing plant as required.

We have made the inclusion of fully automatic energy-saving extraction systems, almost an industry standard. All of which have Ecogate® extraction-on-demand technology at their heart. From the initial design stage, we work in conjunction with our clients to provide a full turnkey solution. Our Contract Engineers manage the installation teams and organise building and mechanical services, usually through the use of our clients’ preferred suppliers.

gold series air pollution control
pharmaceutical extraction system

A great example of our work in this sector is the installation of three large systems for a major pharmaceutical company in the UK. These new smart systems replaced an existing plant that served 54 manufacturing suites, which ran 24/7, typically consuming over 100kW of power.

We have now upgraded their extraction systems to be fully ATEX compliant and the client is delighted with the resulting savings. The new installation now operates at around 14kW on a diversity factor of up to 20, in any order required, to provide precise extraction-on-demand. The system now operates on a fully automatic basis and has eliminated the need for maintenance personnel to wear special PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - a real win for our client.

In addition to the huge reduction in power usage for dust and fume extraction, the new system also delivers major savings on clean-room super-conditioned air. The previous installation continually extracted super-conditioned air, whether a laboratory room was in use or not. This is no longer necessary, resulting in further cost savings.

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