We understand how important it is for manufacturers to do everything they can to save energy and safely increase production efficiency in their processes.

A key part of achieving this is by looking closely at how they control and manage the dust and fume that is generated during those manufacturing processes. Efficient LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) is a main requirement for most manufacturing industries. Our aim is to ensure that the solutions we supply are tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.

Our reputation as a leading figure in dust and fume extraction has come from our ability to provide the most cost-efficient solution, both technical and commercial. We have done this by making sure we always have a wide choice of filter types and technologies available. To enable us to offer the most suitable energy-efficient system to our clients.

The range of dust extraction systems we supply is cutting-edge, from stand-alone units for one machine, to large, centralised dust control systems. Depending on the customer's needs, these range from a small fume extraction arm that will extract from a single source such as a welding bench, through to a centralised dust and fume control system that can extract from multiple LEV points.


We have many working examples in this field, but one of the many notable projects we have tackled was for Assa Abloy, the world’s biggest lock maker who have brands that include Chubb, Union and Yale.

At Assa Abloy’s UK manufacturing operation in the West Midlands, DCS provided an efficient ‘capture-at-source’ solution in the polishing workshop to extract brass/zinc dust and mop fibres generated during the linishing and polishing of mortise lock components, cylinders and night latches.

A custom-designed LEV assembly was fitted to each twin-headed lathe station and automatic polisher, to capture and entrain the dust. This dust is then transported, via duct transport system, to one of three separate Automatic Shaker Filter units. These are suitable for potentially explosive dusts and have been installed to handle air volumes in excess of 11,000m³/hr.

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