Our work keeping the next generation safe and healthy in the classroom is a role we are extremely proud of.

We are one of the UK's leading companies in designing and installing dust and fume extraction systems for workshops in schools, colleges and other institutions of education.

Health and Safety guidelines advise woodworking machinery operators should not be exposed to more than 5mg/m3 of fine dust. Our products and services are designed to ensure these standards are met in order to protect students and tutors against the harmful effects of airborne dust.

Following a free on-site survey, our sales engineers will recommend the most suitable system for your particular application. From a small under bench unit to complete energy saving extraction system with externally located filters.

We can offer everything from specialised hoods which capture dust at the source, through to a wide range of filter types and technologies. The work we provide can include FastClip (flexible, clip together ductwork system) or spiral galvanised ductwork, service and commissioning engineers, LEV testing programmes to ensure compliance with Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spares and consumables such as filter bags and cartridges.


We have decades of experience in providing efficient dust extraction systems for numerous universities, colleges and schools with our innovative solutions.

Take our installation of an energy-saving dust extraction system at Loughborough University’s Design School building. We designed a system serving two prototyping workshops housed on different floors. This comprises an internally-sited filter with a capacity of 23,000m3/hr and an Ecogate® energy-saving extraction optimisation system.

The system now runs two main fans fitted with variable-speed drives and each woodworking machine has an Ecogate® automatic motorised gate with remote sensor. Two Ecogate® greenBOX12 controllers receive signals from the sensors to open or close gates as machines come online or shut down. Using Ecogate® technology delivers a highly-efficient dust extraction system, which is both quieter and provides precise extraction volumes only when needed. The good news for the customer is that power usage has been reduced by around 60% when compared with a traditional fixed-speed system, resulting in impressive cost savings.

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