Dusting Down For Yorkshire Teabags

Taylors of Harrogate is one of the few remaining family tea and coffee merchants and has been blending quality teas since 1886. Today, the company is best known for its Yorkshire Tea blends.
As part of an ongoing programme of investment in processing facilities at its 13 acre Harrogate site, Taylors has recently installed a state-of-the-art dust extraction plant to deal with airborne tea dust particles generated in its main line tea packing area.

Specialist dust extraction company, Dust Control Systems Ltd of Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, devised a turnkey scheme to replace the old extraction plant with a more efficient system capable of meeting current and future dust control requirements in the Yorkshire Tea Hall.

The new system draws dust directly from teabag filling stations and transports it via special ‘smooth bore’ galvanised ducting for filtration by a dust collector housed in the roof space above the tea hall.

The system comprises two ATEX approved ‘Downflo’ units designed to handle air volumes of 20,400 cubic metres per hour, providing enough capacity for current and future needs.

The highly efficient Downflo dust collectors are fitted with Fibra-WebTM filter cartridges that employ ‘Nanofiber’ filter media capable of capturing dust of less than one micron in size.
To limit the problems of noise and vibration experienced with the previous plant, DCS installed anti-vibration mountings between the plant’s structure and the building’s steelwork. As a further soundproofing measure, the two 30kW fansets were housed inside acoustic enclosures.

To avoid any disruption to production, DCS were required to remove the old dust plant and install the new system over a weekend. Large sections of the roof were removed to enable the old equipment to be lifted out by crane and the new units to be lowered into place.

Richard Martin, Project Engineer at Taylors says, “It was a very short time window in which to complete the installation but everything went according to plan. The net result is that we have a much quieter and more efficient system”.