Dust Extraction and Woodwaste

Whether your requirement is for a small, mobile dust extractor or a complete woodwaste to energy system, DCS can provide the solution.

At DCS we have the widest choice of filter types and technologies available, which means we can always offer the most suitable and cost efficient system for any application. Our experienced engineers have led the way in energy efficient woodwaste extraction systems that run automatically, without the need for operator intervention. These ‘demand responsive’ systems provide extraction only when it’s needed and reduce electricity usage to an absolute minimum.

A major woodwaste extraction project carried out by DCS was the design and installation of a complete energy-saving system for Willerby Holiday Homes, the Hull-based manufacturer of luxury holiday homes. The dust extraction system comprises an externally-sited EcoVar 2030 modular chain filter which has a total airflow volume of 135,000m3/hour and handles the dust and chips from a total of 40 machines.

The energy-efficient system employs three 55kW direct-drive main fan units, which replace the previous three 75kW belt-driven fans, and extract from a total of 40 processing machines. The filter has rotary valve discharge into a 15kW fan-powered closed-loop waste transfer system which feeds waste directly into two large capacity boxcarts.

A key feature of the energy-saving installation is the ECOGATE® extraction-on-demand system, which constantly monitors the use of each individual processing machine and automatically regulates the speed of the relevant fan unit accordingly. The system employs an Ecogate greenBOX MASTER SRL controller, motorised gates and sensors at each machine, together with variable speed drives for the three main fans. The required power requirement to each fan is determined by the opening and closing of the motorised gates, thereby only using the exact amount of power required and avoiding energy wastage.



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