DCS - T Series

Tubular Bag Reverse Jet Filter

The "T Series" range of modular filters are traditional cloth tube reverse jet filters that achieve efficiencies of up to 99.99%. A major feature of the filter is the dust laden air inlet which takes the form of a dust pre-separation chamber ensuring that the bulk of the dust is collected before reaching the filters.The system also utilises an improved filter bag and cage design with integral venturi to enhance pulse cleaning. Bag cages and venturis are zinc coated to give longer life. The range is available in basic insertable form or in a cased version to suit site restrictions.

Principle of Operation

Contaminated air is drawn through the filter elements and contaminant collects on the outer surface of the filter elements.

Cleaning of filter elements is achieved by pulsing compressed air through jet tubes mounted on the clean side of the filter above venturis that increase the air volume injected into the filter element.

The momentary reversal of air-flow caused by the ‘air pulse’ creates an expansion of the filter element sufficient to break and dislodge the matrix of contaminant which has collected on the outer surface of the filter element.




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