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Oil Mist Filters

Uncollected coolant and machining oil mist can be hazardous to health. It can cause slippery floors and collect on machines, walls and ceilings, creating an unpleasant, high-maintenance working environment.
That's why the Dryflo range of mist collectors was developed. As the first - and only - complete range of cartridge collectors engineered specifically for mist collection, the Dryflo solves the problems associated with uncollected coolant and oil mist.

Three configurations ensure that there is a Dryflo mist collector designed to meet your specific application, plant layout, and budget requirements.

Overall, the Dryflo range of mist collectors provides the superior alternative to other mist collectors with a whole new level of performance, higher collection efficiency and safer, easier maintenance... all of which translate to higher productivity for your workers and your operation.




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