Two Ecogate greenBOX12 controllers adjust fan speed as demand changes.  

Production area at Sigma 3 Kitchens Ltd.  
Masterclass Kitchens – designed and built by Sigma 3.  


Sigma 3 Kitchens Ltd is yet another company to have benefitted from retrofitting ECOGATE® ‘extraction-on-demand’ technology, and has achieved dramatically reduced dust extraction running costs at its factory in South Wales.

Sigma 3 Kitchens is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of kitchens and bedrooms in the UK and its state-of-the-art factory is the manufacturing centre for its flagship ‘Masterclass’ kitchen collection. The Masterclass brand features a standard range of over 300 door styles; satisfying demand from the middle to upper end of the market. The company also offers a bespoke made-to-measure service for non-standard spaces and cabinets which further extends the potential of the Masterclass brand.

Sigma 3 first identified dust extraction optimisation as a possible source of energy savings over a year ago and called in Ecogate’s authorised installer, Dust Control Systems Ltd (DCS), who provided a free site survey which included a full energy appraisal of the extraction system. The existing system employed three fixed-speed main fan sets along with a waste conveying fan, and was extracting dust and chips on a continuous basis from all panel processing machines throughout the 50,000 sq ft factory.

Recorded data on energy usage was analysed and, together with information gleaned from observing the overall production process, DCS and Ecogate engineers determined that each fan set could be adjusted for volume and duty cycle to facilitate a significant reduction in power consumption. This would be achieved by retrofitting Ecogate technology and it was confidently estimated that the system would result in energy savings of around £21,000 per year.

Sigma 3 commissioned DCS to install an Ecogate system which comprises: three Ecogate greenBOX12 controllers, Ecogate motorised gates fitted to all machines, and variable speed drives for each of the three main fans. The greenBOX12 controllers constantly monitor individual machines and determine the optimum speed of the respective fan. The system also detects when machines are inactive, and motorised gates only open when material is being processed.

Ian Rayner, UK Sales Manager at Ecogate Ltd, reports: “A year on from commissioning the energy-saving system, Ecogate engineers revisited the site and interrogated each controller; collected data confirmed that annual savings accurately matched our predictions, and also means that Sigma 3 is on track with its planned 2-year payback on the investment made in Ecogate technology.”


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