Dalmatic Range

2000 Range

Flat Pad Type Reverse Jet Filter

Dalmatic Range

A special type of dust control system is required to continuously handle high dust concentrations at high filtration velocities. The Dalamatic range of reverse jet fabric filters provide the reliable and long-lasting solution to many nuisance and process dust control problems.

Principle of Operation

Dust laden air is first drawn into the filter case, where its velocity
Is reduced and natural pre-separation takes place caused by the effect of gravity. Fine particles are collected on the outside surface of the filter media while cleaned air passes through the media, supporting insert and away to atmosphere. To allow continuous operation, filter pads are regularly cleaned by an automatic pulse of compressed air. This short burst of air, injected down the inside of the filter pad, temporarily reverses the air-flow, inflating the bag and dislodging any dust “cake”. This “cake” is then removed by the mechanical impact of the filter fabric contracting against the supporting insert. The dislodged dust falls into the collection hopper for final removal or return to the process.

2000 Range

The 2000 series is a self-contained, compact dust control unit, which incorporates many user-friendly and ease-of-maintenance features. Depending on the requirement, an option for either fabric bags (F2000) or sintered polymer elements (S2000) can be specified to handle almost any medium sized process dust problem. There are six models in the F2000 series range, with filtration areas ranging from 12m² to 45m². In the S2000 series range there are eight models with filtration areas ranging from 20.8m² to 99m². The S2000 series dust collectors can achieve extremely low emission levels of 1mg/m³ or better and the element mechanical integrity is guaranteed for a period of 3 years.


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