Envelope Type Shaker Filters

DCS 'E' Series

The 'E' Series Filter Modules are based on a standard modular design. Constructed from welded steel panels, they offer a cost effective low maintenance solution to a wide range of dust problems.

Contaminated air is drawn into the filter housing via an integral rear "dirty air hopper with baffle" it then passes through the filter media resulting in the contaminant being deposited on the inner surface of the media. Efficiencies of up to 99.99% can be achieved.


Automatic Shaker Filter

The versatile Automatic Shaker Filter range are robust self-contained mechanically cleaned dust collector / filter units, suitable for use with potentially explosible dusts, when fitted with explosion relief panels. It builds on many years’ practical experience in diverse applications. The multi vee-pocket bag is secured at its lower end and fixed onto an oscillating frame at its upper end, ensuring efficient cleaning during a short, 8 second cleaning cycle.

Clean air side access via a wide opening door eases maintenance tasks, whilst the quick release bin, with optional bin liner facility and easily cleaned cabinet make the Auto M an attractive low cost system.




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