Bob Myers, production director at JJO, discusses production schedules with production supervisor, Lee Nuttall.  

On-board energy saving calculators show the amount of energy each dynamic drive is saving in kilowatt-hours.  


Long standing client, J & J Ormerod (JJO), one of the largest manufacturers of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture in the UK, commissioned DCS to carry out an energy appraisal on existing extraction plant at their manufacturing facility at Bacup, Lancashire.

The family run firm, which employs over 400 people and produces around 600 kitchens and 100 bedrooms per week, first committed to an environmental policy and a programme of energy saving 6 years ago. Boosted by the energy-efficient upgrading of their extraction system, the site boasts impressive environmental credentials; the company has recently been shortlisted for the Northwest Business Environmental Awards 2009 in the Best Environmental Practice category.

There are many extraction systems throughout their three quarters of a million sq. ft. site serving a multitude of woodworking machines and associated equipment. A total of 22 extractor fans are employed throughout the system varying in size from 7.5kW to 45kW. Data on energy use was collected for each system and the findings were analysed. It was determined that by adjusting the speed of each fan to more accurately match the requirement of the actual load we could significantly enhance the efficiency of the fans.

JJO’s production director, Bob Myers, explains: “DCS demonstrated that over a three year period we could save well into six figures and that this could all be achieved with an investment that provided an 18 month payback. We were astounded by the results and had no hesitation in contracting DCS to carry out the work. DCS Installed the equipment during a planned weekend shutdown, with no disruption to production, and when we started work at 6 o’clock on the Monday morning everything was installed and working.”


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