Environmental Control Booth

Control Booths

The Environmental Control Booth (ECB), is specially designed to remove fine airborne dust from multiple sources without restricting worker movement or visibility. Its unique 'booth' design pulls dust laden air away from the worker at a rate of 0.7m/s. Clean air moves past the worker at the same rate.

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The ECB creates a self-contained working environment, complete with lighting, soundproofing, and buit-in dust collection. It requires no ductwork, making it easy and inexpensive to install. It also re-circulates the cleaned air, eliminating the need for costly make-up air.
Workers inside the booth enjoy complete freedom of movement, clean air and excellent lighting. And workers outside the booth are also protected from the dust and the noise generated from inside the booth.


Spray Booths

A choice of galvanised dry or wet, back spray booths and drying rooms is available.


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