DCS - NFKZ2000 chain filter with CombiFab fansets provides efficient, low-noise extraction at Sentry Doors.
Production Manager of Sentry Doors, Andy Sharp, left, and Production Foreman, Paul Whaley with a ‘Brookland’ hemlock external door.




When Dust Control Systems were called to Sentry Doors Ltd to discuss their dust extraction needs they discovered a company with an ambitious plan to manufacture doors in the UK.

The company, building on its well-established reputation for door distribution, has bucked the trend of overseas outsourcing by opening a new door manufacturing facility at its Doncaster factory. The move comes in response to several leading names in the industry ending UK production in favour of cheaper labour costs overseas.

Sentry’s Managing Director, Gordon Yates, explains: “With lead times of 10 -12 weeks on imported doors we strongly felt that an opportunity existed for a British manufacturer of quality solid wood doors. So much so that we’ve invested more than £750,000 in door manufacturing machinery and brought in people with considerable know-how and experience in door production”.

One key appointment has been production manager Andy Sharp who spent 20 years at Magnet Joinery. Andy says: “At Sentry Doors we’re not looking to be the biggest door producer but we are determined to be the best. Already, in just a few months, we have transformed the production scope of Sentry doors from what was a door finishing and distribution business to an efficient door manufacturing operation.”

Andy Sharp added: “An important element in the plan was to provide our workforce with a safe and comfortable working environment - to help achieve this required an efficient and quiet dust extraction system. After talking to various companies the decision was made to invest in a DCS system based around a modular chain filter that could be easily extended to accommodate any future increase in requirement.”

Dust Control Systems installed a DCS - NFKZ2000 modular filter system that draws dust and chips from nine machines in the main workshop which boasts the most sophisticated, fully automated, door stile and rail production lines in the country. The system is certified according to the latest ATEX European Directive for explosive dust, and is fitted with a built-in chain conveyor in the hopper section for automatic discharge of solid filtered material.

The system employs three low-noise CombiFab fansets to extract waste at source and an additional fanset that transports waste from the conveyor to a container trailer. The system has a total airflow capacity of some 40,000 cfm and is fitted with the patented Superbag polyester filter bag. Superbag employs a patented weaving technique in tubular format that gives the filter bag a surface which can cope with varying filter loads with all types of wood dust and chips.

Andy Sharp concluded: “Over the years I’ve worked with many dust extraction companies and many types of plant. Our experience with Dust Control Systems and their technology is one of total satisfaction in all aspects”.


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