Dust Control Systems installed a powerful modular filter to cope with varying loads of dust and chips at CV Stairs Ltd.

An elegant bespoke staircase in Lochgreen House Hotel, Troon, Ayreshire.


In just nine years of operation, Clyde Valley Stairs Ltd has grown into one of Scotland’s leading manufacturers of bespoke timber stairs. Today, CV Stairs has the capacity to produce in excess of 100 staircases per week for a growing customer base that includes major house builders, timber kit manufacturers and local authorities throughout Scotland and Northern England.

Increased demand for their quality timber staircases has seen the company invest in a range of state-of-the-art woodworking machinery and relocate the business to modern, 20,000 sq. ft. premises in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire,

Chris Stockwell, who heads up the family run business with his father Peter says: “To achieve such high levels of output we had to increase our inventory of machines, all of which generate significant volumes of sawdust and wood waste. We also wanted to create a safe and clean environment for our workforce and we knew that an important element in achieving this would be the installation of an efficient extraction plant”.

Melvyn Bathgate of Dust Control Systems (DCS), who had worked successfully with the family in the past, was called in to evaluate CV Stairs’ extraction requirements and come up with a cost effective solution. The DCS proposal, Melvyn explained, “centred around a powerful filter system, located outside the factory and complying with the latest ATEX directives. It would serve all the machines and, in addition would return filtered air back into the workshop to reduce heating costs”.

The filter system employed is an NFKZ modular chain filter, fitted with tubular ‘Superbag’ polyester filter bags, handling 13,500 cfm and capable of coping with varying loads of all types of dust and chips. The plant incorporates a drag-chain conveyor, which transfers the woodwaste to a rotary valve, the waste then being fed into a ducted conveying system. Entrained in a closed loop air stream, waste is then discharged into a sealed waste container.

The system employs two direct-driven, low noise, Combifab Fansets, which consume 30% less energy than traditional fans. A 37kW fan unit quietly provides continuous extraction from the machines and a 15kW unit powers the ducted conveying system.


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