Installation of Cyclofilter at Swiftwood Sawmills




A recent contract undertaken by Dust Control Systems involved the design, supply and installation of a Cyclofilter dust extraction system at Swiftwood Sawmills in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire.

Swiftwood is one of the country’s leading importers and distributors of prepared softwood, with a timber stockholding of around 9,000 cubic metres and a well equipped mill that machines 19,000 cubic metres of planed timber a year. The decision to opt for a new extraction plant was made as part of a programme of expansion that included re-housing the mill and workshops in a larger neighbouring building.

The new plant is designed to handle an air volume of 59,500m³/hr and extracts dust from eight woodworking machines in the re-located mill. The majority of waste is generated by three high performance Wadkin moulders, including a wide capacity machine capable of producing 300mm wide mouldings.

The Cyclofilter is a high efficiency dust collection system that is virtually maintenance free, combining the advantages of cyclone separation with the efficiency of a bag filter. It is suitable for large volumes of wood waste, yet requires a relatively small footprint. Filter efficiencies of 99.99974% are achieved and centrifugal force in the Cyclofilter gives excellent filtration rates for material concentrations above 300g/m³.

Negative pressure, created by the main fan, draws dust and chips from the woodworking machines, down the main duct into the Cyclofilter where the air and waste material are diverted into a spiral motion. The centrifugal force allows heavier particles to fall out of the air stream and into the hopper. Multiple rows of tubular filter bags are housed in a large perforated metal cylinder, which allows the rising dust-entrained air to pass through, whilst protecting the filter bags from abrasion.

Dust particles collect on the outside of the filter bags and clean air passes through to escape into a clean air chamber and into the air outlet. From there, ductwork connects to the Combifab main fan, an extremely efficient, low energy unit with very low noise levels.

Automatic bag cleaning is by pulsed compressed air jets aligned above each row of filter bags. The downward blast creates a shockwave that dislodges the dust that then falls into the hopper. Collected waste is discharged into a rotary valve specially designed to handle wood waste. A loop-round waste conveying system transfers softwood waste into one of three waste collection trailers with hardwood waste collected in a fourth trailer.

Marcus Williams, Mill Manager at Swiftwood says ‘’We are delighted with the extraction plant and the level of service provided by DCS. The plant fully meets current and future legislation and gives us enough spare capacity to satisfy any evolving requirements in the future’’.

Chris Oldfield of Dust Control Systems says ‘’Marcus and his colleagues at Swiftwood were convinced by the compelling case we put forward for the Cyclofilter system and I am pleased to say that the plant is more than living up to their expectations’’.


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