The greenBOX MASTER SRL can control up to 100 machines and four fans.  

The greenBOX12+ controls up to twelve machines and one fan.  
Motorised gates automatically open and close as machines come on line or shut down  
Sensors signal the controller to open or close ports  

Why does it work? Is it right for my workshop? What's the track record?

A Partnership for Progress

DCS is proud to offer the ECOGATE® system – a patented computerised extraction optimisation system that saves up to 80% on electricity bills.

DCS is an authorised UK and Ireland Installer for the proven energy-saving system developed by California-based Ecogate, Inc.

What is the ECOGATE System and how does it work?

In a typical workshop less than 50% of the machinery is operating at any given time, but dust extraction is running all the time, often to all machines - the amount of energy wasted is huge. The ECOGATE System solves that problem by automatically closing ports to non-operating machines, and by regulating the speed of the extraction fan accordingly.

The ECOGATE System is a cost-effective, energy-saving upgrade for existing dust or fume extraction systems. It is computer controlled and employs automatic motorised gates and remote sensors. When a machine is turned on, the sensor signals the controller to open the appropriate motorised gate to provide extraction. When a machine stops working, the motorised gate closes automatically. The central control unit, or greenBOX®, constantly monitors individual machines and determines the optimum speed of the fan, which is achieved via a variable speed drive. This means that you only use power when you need it; resulting in energy savings of up to 80% (with an average of 62%). The system is also designed to maintain minimum airflow in the duct system, by opening additional gates when necessary, delivering good system balance and preventing sawdust settling in the duct system.

Added benefits of installing the ECOGATE System

  • Energy savings can pay for a system in less than 2-years.
  • Most installations can be purchased with Green Equipment Finance through Siemens (SFS Ltd) backed by a Carbon Trust assessment.
  • Easy route to help larger companies meet their CRC needs.
  • Workshops could be expanded without the need for additional fans or ducting.
  • Noise at the fan and inside the workshop is significantly reduced.
  • Reduced maintenance and increased lifetime for fans.
  • Possible integration with other control systems to allow auto-start or shutdown of fans, and on-demand opening/closing of all gates for cleaning and maintenance.

Why does it work?

Just for a change, the laws of physics are on our side! Fan speed and extraction volume are directly proportional; if you vary the fan speed, the volume changes by the same percentage.
However, the relationship between volume and power is cubic³, which means a relatively small change in volume gives a much larger change in power consumption - reducing fan speed by 20% reduces power consumption by nearly 50%.

Is the system right for my workshop?

The ECOGATE system offers DCS total design flexibility. So, whether you operate a dust plant serving two or three machines or large workshops with a plethora of dust-creating machinery, DCS is confident that it can retrofit a cost-effective system to benefit your business.

DCS offers a choice of ECOGATE control systems. The greenBOX 12+ controller is designed for workshops with one main extraction fan and up to 12 workstations. The greenBOX 12+ can be serialised, working in tandem to control up to 24 machines. For the bigger workshop, greenBOX MASTER SRL, can control up to 4 extraction fans, handling as many as 100 workstations. System monitoring and evaluation of energy saving is managed from one location, using Windows-based software. ECOGATE motorised gates are operated by 24V DC gear motors and are available to suit a variety of ducting sizes. Two different ECOGATE sensors are available: an easy to install ECOGATE Clip!™ Sensor, which simply attaches to a power cable and reads the magnetic field, and the VOLT Sensor, which is activated by any AC or DC voltage.

What’s the track record?

ECOGATE systems have been saving energy on extraction systems worldwide for over ten years and there are hundreds of installations in place, with over 24,000 ‘ECOGATES’ currently in use. Combined with the expertise that DCS has in energy-saving dust extraction, manufacturers can rest assured that the DCS solution will be cost-effective, robust and reliable.


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